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   DIGit Tape is a simple finger puppet that stretches, covers and sticks to your thumb and other digits for a whole day of interactive play, helping kick your thumb sucking and nail biting habit. Digit Tape provides positive reinforcement which is the most successful way to produce a change in behavior! Comfortable, flexible, breathable, hypoallergenic, latex free, water-resistant, convenient and budget friendly. Offered in a variety of fun designs! ISO, FDA approved medical grade components. For ages 24 months and up. Patent pending.

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   The BIRDIE WEDGe is a crib propping device that lies underneath the crib mattress, inflates to your desired angle and props up both ends of the crib mattress. Designed to help your baby sleep better during Reflux/GERD, colds, congestion and ear infections. It is adjustable, durable, waterproof, easy to clean, easy to store, compact, portable. Free from all harsh chemicals, including BPA and phthalates. Safety tested and meets CPSC and JPMA standard regulation 27.25" wide to prevent dangerous gaps between the wedge and crib rails. For ages 3 months to 3 years or 35" tall that sleep in cribs.  Patent pending.

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Samantha Senack

About Us.

Why Crazy Moms Win.

Frustrated, this mom solved two every day issues for her daughter and created a successful business.


“I was using products that claimed to help with sleep issues and thumb sucking but in fact were useless and a waste of money and time. It was traumatic and my daughter and I suffered, ” said Samantha Senack, mother of Birdie who is the namesake of her company. “My mantra became, if it sucks, I can solve it and I can sell it, P.S. you’re not crazy!” a dynamic Samantha who admits she was forced to take the entrepreneurial plunge after a long break from her fashion design career to be a stay at home mom. Upon mom validation of her two innovative products the Birdie Wedge and Digit Tape and provisional patents filed by Childrens National Hospital, Samantha launched earlier this year. “Necessity is the mother of invention as they say and mothers do know best,” Samantha laughed.





"My 10 month old son had a cold, I was desperate. The first night I used the Wedge he slept all night long, and the same happened the two following nights.
I was convinced! It worked!"

Paloma Palmer

"Having a child that doesn’t sleep because of a cough or cold is sad enough, but when they are uncomfortable and cry for help it can be frustrating. The Birdie Wedge gets it right, to make sure she is supported for a restful sleep!"

Erin Burns

"I love, love, love that I now have a great physical reminder for my digit sucking clients that is fun, flexible and stays put! I recommend Digit Tape to my clients as an essential component of my personal comprehensive habit program. Every child deserves to succeed. Digit Tape is a positive and whimsical tool that is part of this process."

Shari Green, COM, RDH (Ret.) 2015 President IAOM aka “The Thumblady” For more information, consult your pediatric dentist or pediatrician. Ms. Green’s Oral Habit elimination program is available by Skype or Facetime. 

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"I am SO thrilled to have found DIGit tape! What a great therapy tool to help patients who are working on minimizing and eliminating thumb or digit sucking and even nail biting, too! They are comfortable but stay securely in place. The fun designs are a huge fact some of my patients have a tougher time deciding on what design they want than they do with ending their habit! Thank you DIGit tape for making my job easier!” 

Melanie Shultz, M.A., CCC-SLP, Speech Pathologist/Orofacial Myologist President

"Many thanks to Birdie and Digit tape for becoming an essential part of our Thumbs Up Program Kit, which has all the essentials to help clients stop their sucking habit.  This multi-purpose tool is not only interactive but a great reminder to eliminate their sucking habit.  What a way to facilitate success.  We love including Digit tape in our thumb sucking elimination program!” 

Jennifer Simon Triandafilou, MA, CCC-SLP
Simon Says Speech Therapy / Myofunctional Therapist
Thumbs Up  and Tongue Tips Programs

"We're having fun with @BIRDIE_SMART DIGit Tape! Using finger puppets to work on language goals: Pretend play, conversational turn taking, following directions... The possibilities are endless!"

The Speech and Language Connection 
Kristi Gatto MA, CCC-SLP, COM President Elect IAOM


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"The BIRDIE WEDGe is an inflatable, adjustable, DUAL sided wedge that raises both ends of a crib mattress for ideal head elevation and restful sleep for your sweet baby.."


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So, I’m not saying that I have thumbsuckers living with me. But if I did, I’d want to know about BIRDIE- a great company started by a fashion industry vet and, quite literally, mother of invention. Samantha Senack started the business after her little one (the actual Birdie) needed a little help quitting the ol’ thumb habit...


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