Samantha Senack

About Us

   Hi, my name is Samantha Senack. I am a 20 year fashion design veteran turned inventor/entrepreneur and owner of BIRDIE. The logo represents my daughter Birdie and symbolizes the incubation of an idea. The Birdie Wedge is my first invention. I designed it with “wings” in mind, and an idea taking flight. After hurdling Birdie’s reflux challenges while breastfeeding, I was then taxed with countless sleepless nights from Birdie’s colds and ear infections. I was concerned about her ear infections turning chronic. I was a sleepy, tired and worried mom. Pediatricians, friends and mommy blogs all suggested propping up the crib with household items to help drain the fluid from her congestion. Nothing worked since Birdie never stayed in one place while sleeping. I said to myself, “If only both ends of the crib could be elevated?!" With that thought, I designed a wedge that did just that. All my mommy friends tried it, with success, and voila... The Birdie Wedge was hatched!

 Birdie is also a chronic thumb sucker. I was trying to help her quit, or at least cut down to two thumbs a day! I researched and all the products out there either embarrass her, punish her or even poison her. Someone suggested band aids, I tried them but Birdie would get bored and pull them off. There was some validity to the concept which gave me an amazing idea. I doodled a character on one and she played a finger puppet show with me. She loved it and repeated it again and again with a new doodle a day. It was working! The key to my success was "interactive play", creating a positive experience and positive reinforcement is the most successful way to produce a change in behavior. I put my design skills in motion and created Digit Tape, an "interactive" finger puppet tape that's punishment free, embarrassment free and cost effective.