DIGit Tape

DIGit Tape


DIGit Tape is a finger puppet that stretches, covers and sticks to the thumb and other digits for hours of interactive play to help you kick your thumb sucking and nail biting habit. Safe, comfortable, flexible, breathable, hypoallergenic, latex free, water resistant, convenient and budget friendly. For ages 4 years and up. Image will last up to 8 hours with normal wear.

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"The DIGit Tape is flexible and comfortable to wear. could last hours under typical wear and tear without rubbing off. The cartoon designs are fun and engaging and can be used for a multiple of reasons including: thumb sucking, finger nail biting, picking of your fingers, and as part of story retell as needed..."

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"I love, love, love that I now have a great physical reminder for my digit sucking clients that is fun, flexible and stays put! I recommend Digit Tape to my clients as an essential component of my personal comprehensive habit program. Every child deserves to succeed. Digit Tape is a positive and whimsical tool that is part of this process."

Shari Green, COM, RDH (Ret.) 2015 President IAOM aka “The Thumblady” For more information, consult your pediatric dentist or pediatrician. Ms. Green’s Oral Habit elimination program is available by Skype or Facetime. 

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"I am SO thrilled to have found DIGit tape! What a great therapy tool to help patients who are working on minimizing and eliminating thumb or digit sucking and even nail biting, too! They are comfortable but stay securely in place. The fun designs are a huge plus...in fact some of my patients have a tougher time deciding on what design they want than they do with ending their habit! Thank you DIGit tape for making my job easier!” 

Melanie Shultz, M.A., CCC-SLP, Speech Pathologist/Orofacial Myologist President 


"Many thanks to Birdie and Digit tape for becoming an essential part of our Thumbs Up Program Kit, which has all the essentials to help clients stop their sucking habit.  This multi-purpose tool is not only interactive but a great reminder to eliminate their sucking habit.  What a way to facilitate success.  We love including Digit tape in our thumb sucking elimination program!” 

Jennifer Simon Triandafilou, MA, CCC-SLP
Simon Says Speech Therapy / Myofunctional Therapist
Thumbs Up  and Tongue Tips Programs

"We're having fun with @BIRDIE_SMART DIGit Tape! Using finger puppets to work on language goals: Pretend play, conversational turn taking, following directions... The possibilities are endless!"

The Speech and Language Connection 
Kristi Gatto MA, CCC-SLP, COM President Elect IAOM

"As Orofacial Myology Therapists and IAOM instructors, we are always looking for the best product for our digit suckers.  This tape has that special "feel" that provides both emotional and proprioception support to our patients."

IAOM Make the Connection Introductory Course
Mary Billings, MS, CCC-SLP - Dianah Davidson, BS, RDH, COM