The BIRDIE WEDGe is a crib propping device designed for babies 3 months- 3 years or 35” tall that that require head elevation to alleviate congestion from a cold to mitigate ear infections and aid in digestion from reflux/GERD. Safe, adjustable, waterproof, durable, easy to clean, easy to store, compact, portable.

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"My 10 month old son had a cold, I was desperate. The first night I used it he slept all night long, and the same happened the two following nights.
I was convinced! It worked!"

Paloma Palmer


"Having a child that doesn’t sleep because of a cough or cold is sad enough, but when they are uncomfortable and cry for help it can be frustrating. The Birdie Wedge gets it right, to make sure she is supported for a restful sleep!"

Erin Burns

Steve Harvey Show

"The BIRDIE WEDGe is an inflatable, adjustable, DUAL sided wedge that raises both ends of a crib mattress for ideal head elevation and restful sleep for your sweet baby."